Featured Publications

Morehead Independent Archive (Newspaper Archive)

The Morehead Independent was a local newspaper published in Morehead, Kentucky from 1934 to 1945. William Edward Crutcher was the editor and manager of the publication. This collection includes newspapers published from March 7, 1935 to January 4, 1945.

Olive Hill Times Archive (Newspaper Archive)

The Olive Hill Times was a local newspaper published in Olive Hill, Kentucky from 1904 to 1910. J. L. Maddix was the publisher and editor. This collection includes newspapers published from January 5, 1905 to January 14, 1909.

WMKY Audio Recordings Archive (Library and Archives)

The WMKY Audio Recordings Archive collection consist of digitized audio recordings of radio programs broadcasted on the National Public Radio station located on the campus of Morehead State University. WMKY, at 90.3 FM, has served the communities of eastern Kentucky, southern Ohio and western West Virginia since 1965. The radio station offers regional news, public affairs and documentary programming, as well as a variety of regional music programs consisting of classical, jazz and Americana (bluegrass, blues, folk and traditional/old-time). Included with the collection are audio recordings acquired and retained by the radio station from events held on the Morehead campus prior to 1995.

The quality of the audio recordings may vary considerably depending upon the method in which it was recorded and stored.

Digitization and metadata provided by David Ace and April Morgan