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Morehead State Trail Blazer Archive (Digitized Collections)

The collection, when completed, will consist of past issues of the student newspaper, the More-head Light (1927-1929), the Trail Blazer (1929-2013) and the Mountain Cruiser (1942-1944) from 1927 to 2013.

The student newspaper of Morehead State University was first published as the More-head Light in 1927. In October of 1929, the newspaper was renamed the Trail Blazer. From October of 1943 to May of 1944, students from the United States Naval Training School published their newspaper, the Mountain Cruiser, on the reverse side of the Trail Blazer. The student newspaper at Morehead State ceased print publication in the fall semester of 2013.

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Microfilm digitization transfer and metadata by Nate Baker.