Cera Clark

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Publication Date

Spring 2021


Appalachian culture has many distinguishing features, one of those being the traditional music that has endured generations. Fostering traditional music in the region’s schools could help keep that heritage alive. While there are multiple programs that have worked to promote traditional music in Appalachia’s public schools, many systems have found the cost of visiting artists, instruments, and field trips out of reach with increasing budget cuts. The past year presented additional problems, as many schools have been forced to turn to alternative delivery systems for education that rely heavily on technology. Organizing a series of instructional videos, featuring local instructors and musicians who are all masters of their craft, could increase the accessibility of regional music instruction, while promoting an inexpensive way for Appalachian youth to learn more about their musical heritage. This presentation, drawn from interviews with those working in the field and a survey of online resources, displays the need for more accessible traditional music instruction and explores strategies for nurturing traditional music instruction among children in the region.