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The Popeye Shiner (Notropis ariommus), occupies clear, gravel runs and flowing pools of creeks and small rivers throughout the Ohio River basin, but has declined in many areas. The Popeye Shiner is a small silvery minnow with a characteristically large eye (Figure 4). Despite being a candidate for the endangered species list (Department of the Interior, 2011), little life-history data have been published, which are needed to make conservation management decisions.

Notropis ariommus is categorized by the American Fisheries Society as a vulnerable minnow species (Warren et al, 2000). These fishes were previously known from Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, but are presumed extirpated in those states. In four more states they are considered imperiled or critically imperiled, and in two states, including Kentucky, they are classified as vulnerable (NatureServe Explorer 2.0, 2023). Sufficiently-large populations persist in Kentucky, permitting us to study its life history: age and growth, reproductive cycle, and diet.

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Reproductive Timing of the Popeye Shiner (Notropis Ariommus) in the Rockcastle River



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