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Equine navicular disease is the chronic degradation of the navicular bone and surrounding tissues in the hoof (Tucker , 2022). Bone naturally degrades and regenerates itself at the same rate but horses with navicular disease have their navicular bone degrade at a faster rate than the body can regenerate it (Purica, 2020).

Symptoms As the navicular bone begins to disappear all aspects of the hoof are negatively impacted causing pain to radiate from the bone. The pain caused by navicular disease is the most common cause of forelimb lameness in horses.

Who is Affected? Although all horses can develop navicular disease some traits that make them more susceptible are quarter horse breeds, horses that undergo heavy exercise (horses used for competitions), younger horses, and genetics (Purica, 2020).

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Potential of Topical Applications in Managing Navicular Disease: A Review and Exploration



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