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Morehead State University's Derrickson Agricultural Complex (DAC) produces several agricultural enterprises and provides valuable hands-on experiences for students. The major goal of DAC is to prepare students for future careers in agriculture by enhancing classroom learning and introducing new and efficient farming technologies. Several farm products are produced at the farm, and it is important to assess the profitability of various crop and animal enterprises to reach the mission of Morehead State University's Department of Agricultural Sciences. Hay and com are the two most dominant crop enterprises which cover 58 percent of total areas. In addition, the DAC produces hay from 6 different farms using the crop-share leasing method. The research contribute to a deeper understanding of the economic sustainability and viability of hay and com production at the DAC, thereby informing better decision-making and optimization of agricultural enterprises on the farm.

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Higher Education | Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Economic Analysis of Hay and Corn Production at Morehead State University's Derrickson Agricultural Complex



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