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My objective in studying Black Gospel music was to understand the styles, history, and impact of the genre on American culture. I studied multiple different songs by composers of different backgrounds and ages so that I could understand the styles and techniques of different composers. As I listened, I also was challenged to use my ear training and part writing skills that I learned throughout my music theory and music reading classes to transcribe the music first on paper and then on Musescore. This transcription application allows for quick and easy notation as well as playback so that I could hear what I was notating. Learning the history of the music, especially the spirituals and anthems of the past, helped serve as a soundtrack to the moments that now go down in history as turning points for American culture. The information I gathered and skills I acquired are useful because I plan to work with gospel choirs and compose music within this genre after I graduate, so I needed to learn about the music and its role in history as well as continue working with the musical skills that I had learned thus far.

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The Beauty and Legacy of Black Gospel Music



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