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lvermectin is used in dogs and cats as a preventive medicine against heartworms. It is also used as a treatment for other parasites. lvermectin can be administered through tablets, topical liquid or injectable liquid. Some dog breeds such as border collies or sheepdogs have a sensitivity to the medication. The only safe heartworm preventive collies can take is Interceptor. But why? This is because lvermectin and other heartworm preventives have the drug Loperamide in them. They put it in there to reduce gastrointestinal secretions. However, some collies and other dog breeds have a MDR1 mutation specifically the gene ABCB1-1delta mutation that causes them to have a reaction that can be fatal to the medicine. Many studies have been conducted to figure out what causes the reaction. If a border collie has the genetic mutation on the gene ABCBl-1 delta then toxicity will occur in the canine.

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lvermectin Toxicity in Border Collies



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