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Insulin, naturally produced in the human body, is used in the treatment of diabetic patients. It is often given incorrectly resulting in a medication error. Around one-third of medication errors resulting in death within 48 hours involve insulin therapy. Insulin is expensive and many patients cannot afford the insulin they need which results in underdosing. Improper administration of insulin was observed during a clinical rotation at a large, urban teaching hospital. There is a need for evidence-based research to identify methods of improved insulin use. A thorough literature review was done on the topic of insulin administration. Common themes that emerged were: safe administration of insulin, barriers to appropriate administration, patient teaching, cost of insulin, types of insulin, pumps versus injection, and types of diabetes. A flier with insulin administration information will be developed and shared with hospital staff nurses.

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Higher Education | Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Insulin Administration in Hospitalized Diabetics: A Quality Improvement Project



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