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Most people have heard the phrase "A healthy child is a happy child" but what about the phrase "A healthy brain is a well-integrated brain"? Sensory processing or integration is how our brain reads sensory input from outside stimuli in our environ1nent. Our cerebellar white matter, located in the brain, determines the efficiency of sensory integration. It has been found that brain composition presenting lower microstructural integrity of the superior and middle cerebellar peduncles have a sensory processing disorder (Narayan, 2021). Sensory Over-Responsivity (SOR) 1s a specific type of sensory disorder. Since Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and SOR typically coexist, much research on SOR has been done within the context of ASD.

SOR makes it harder for individuals to participate in everyday activities. When a child with SOR is placed into an overstimulating situation, they cannot function like a typically developing child. They cannot integrate the outside stimuli into the various senses such as visual, olfactory, auditory, tactile, interception, and proprioception. Children with SOR show avoidance . behavior and tend to withdraw from troubling scenarios (Mulligan et al., 2021). It is worrisome that the effects of having SOR will lead to developing anxiety disorders.

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Implementing Play Therapy for School-Age Children with Sensory Modulation Disorder



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