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Elanco Animal Health's (EAH) Seresto collars are used to protect canines and felines from common lxodids (ticks) and Siphonaptera (fleas). They work by slowly releasing the active ingredients onto the pet's skin throughout eight months. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revealed there have been a total of 100,000 incidents, 2,700 deaths in canines and felines, and 894 cases of harm to humans due to the use of Seresto collars. However, the link between these incidents and Seresto collars remains unclear. This literature review investigates the potential harm of Seresto collars. It compares the effects of major active ingredients, Flumethrin (a pyrethroid) and lmidacloprid (a neonicotinoid), to existing data on their potential toxicity in pets and humans. The study will analyze published research and surveys to assess if reported health effects (skin irritation, neurological problems, lethargy, seizures, death) are linked to Seresto collars or caused by counterfeit products.

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The Mystery of Seresto Collars



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