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Fall 10-30-1981


On this episode of Unfinished Business Keith Murphy interviews Allen Holbrook about the situation at Maxey Flats involving nuclear waste disposal and the danger that Maxey Flats poses to the surrounding area, and the possibility of its closing, recorded on October 30, 1981.

Intro Transcript:

Between 1963 and 1977, approximately 4.25 million cubic feet of solid and solidified low-level radioactive wastes were dispose of at Maxey Flats. The radioactive wastes were placed in trenches 9 to 30 feet deep and covered with dirt.

In 1972 increased levels of off-site radiation near Maxey Flats was detected. Studies showed that plutonium was escaping from the site by means of surface water run-off.

In 1976, it was recommended that the site be closed because of the public health hazard it created.

In 1977 Maxey Flats stopped accepting Shipments of radioactive wastes for burial, but the site was not closed, due in part to the radioactive water standing in the trenches at the site.

Studies are now being done to determine if the site can be permanently decommissioned and whether other methods exist to dispose of the water at the site.

Alan Holbrook is the chairman of citizens concerned about Maxey Flats, and a member of the state special advisory committee on nuclear issues.

First of all Mr. Holbrook, what is the purpose of the advisory committee, and how does it work...