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Wry Straw

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Wry Straw is an old-time Appalachian string band. members include, John McCutcheon, Tom Bledsoe and Rich Kirby.

McCutcheon was born in Wausau, Wisconsin in 1952. He is a folk singer-songwriter, who plays multiple instruments. he has produced 34 albums since the 1970's. John is a master at the hammered dulcimer and can also play guitar, banjo, auto-harp, mountain dulcimer, fiddle and jaw-harp. McCutcheon often introduces his music with a story, and has become known as a storyteller.

Rich Kirby grew up around mountain music. His exposure began with his grandmother, Addie Graham, who was a traditional Kentucky singer herself. Kirby plays multiple instruments, including the banjo, fiddle, mandolin and guitar. he is known for his ballads, hoedowns, religious pieces and mining songs. Much of his work has been entwined with the Appalshop in Whitesburg, He is one of the founders of June Appal Recordings.