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Fred Marzan

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These files contain the following tracks:

I. On the Quarter Deck (Record 1; Side 1)

II. The Purple Pageant (Record 1; Side 1)

III. Dunedin March (Record 1; Side 1)

IV. Colonel Bogey (Record 1; Side 1)

V. Colossus of Colombia (Record 1; Side 1)

VI. The Klaxon March (Record 1; Side 1)

VII. Morehead Fight Song (Record 1; Side 1)

VIII. Pineapple Poll Ballet (Record 1; Side 2)

IX. Italian in Algiers (Record 1; Side 2)

X. Morehead Alma Mater (Record 1; Side 2)

"On the Quarter Deck" was originally composed by Kenneth J. Alford (a pen name in place of Lieutenant Frederick Joseph Ricketts) in 1917. "The Purple Pageant" was composed by Karl Lawrence King in 1982. "Dunedin March" was composed by Kenneth J. Alford in 1926. "Colonel Bogey" was composed by Kenneth J. Alford in 1914. "Colossus of Columbia" was composed by Russell Alexander in 1901. "The Klaxon March" was composed by Henry Fillmore in 1930. "Pineapple Poll Ballet" was composed by Arthur Sullivan in 1951. "Italian in Algiers" was composed by Gioachino Rossini in 1813.