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We conducted an observation of the nearby irregular galaxy IC 1613 with the Chandra X-ray Observatory using the S3 chip of the ACIS with an effective exposure time of 49.9 ksec. The observation primarily targeted the extensive bubble and star formation region in the northeast quadrant of the galaxy. The only known supernova remnant (SNR) in IC 1613, S8, is also the galaxy’s most luminous X-ray source (LX(0.3-8 keV) 5 − 6×1036 erg s−1). We resolve the SNR with Chandra and compare its nearly circular X-ray morphology with H and radio images. We assign an upper limit on the luminosity of any possible associated compact central object of 4×1035 erg s−1 (0.3-8 keV band) and conclude that we would detect a Crab-like pulsar but not a Cas A-like object. We infer an age for S8 of 3400-5600 years and compare it to other SNRs in the Local Group. We suggest that S8 is a young composite SNR.



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