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To demonstrate the power and scope of Polanyi’s thought, this paper will establish the importance of Polanyi’s abundant insight for the accreditation of educator preparation programs in higher education. This inquiry will begin with a brief summary of the role and purpose of accreditation of educator preparation programs, highlighting the positivist presuppositions driving the current assessment process. With the aid of Harry Broudy, a close student of Polanyi, the essay will identify the implications of those presuppositions for educator preparation programs. Broudy’s analysis suggests that, despite claims to the contrary, the current assessment process fails to produce a professional teacher. In contrast, inspired by a rejuvenated perspective informed by Polanyi’s monumental elucidation of the tacit dimension, assessment of educator preparation programs may instead cultivate a truly professional teacher for our schools. The closing section of this study will provide an outline of such a renaissance.



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