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Between the 15th and the 201h of March 2015, a metal detecting survey of the Battle of the Crater was conducted to access the status of the cultural resources connected with the engagement and to examine how far did Union troops advance from the mouth of the Crater. The survey was conducted by a join team of scholars, volunteers, and students. Dr. Mandzy, who holds a PhD in History and an MA in Anthropology, served as the project's PI. Dr. Fitzpatrick, a historian from Morehead State University and Dr. Michelle Sivilich, an anthropologist at Gulf Archaeology Research, also took part in the project. Critical assistance to the project was provided by Daniel Sivilich, one of the founders of modern battlefield archaeology. Five undergraduate and one graduate student from Morehead State University participated in this survey, as did eight members of Battlefield Restoration and Archaeological Volunteer Organization (BRA VO).



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