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A catalog of optical to X-ray spectral energy distributions of z ≈ 2 quasars observed with Swift. I: First results


Dirk Grupe

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We present the Swift optical to X-ray spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of 44 quasars at redshifts z ≈ 2 observed by Swift, part of a larger program to establish and characterize the optical through X-ray SEDs of moderate-redshift quasars. Here we outline our analysis approach and present preliminary analysis and results for the first third of the full quasar sample. Not all quasars in the sample are detected in X-rays; all of the X-ray detected objects so far are radio loud. As expected for radio loud objects, they are X-ray bright relative to radio-quiet quasars of comparable optical luminosities, with an average αox = 1.39 ± 0.03 (where αox is the power-law slope connecting the monochromatic flux at 2500 Å and at 2 keV), and display hard X-ray spectra. We find integrated 3000 Å - 25 keV accretion luminosities of between 0.7×1046 erg s−1 and 5.2 × 1047 erg s−1 . Based on single-epoch spectroscopic virial black hole mass estimates, we find that these quasars are accreting at substantial Eddington fractions, 0.1 > L/LEdd > 1.