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A Collaborative Model for Innovative Facility-based Educational Programming: The JCESCEOCC Oil and Gas Certification Training Program

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Although there is limited research related to the effectiveness of educational courses delivered using an online format in the American prison system, there is evidence that indicates providing education to prisoners reduces recidivism. Reductions in state funding and the need for cost-effective programs to reduce recidivism support the use of technology as a means to bring effective rehabilitation programs to the forefront. The purpose of this study is to explore the effectiveness of a newly developed, online educational training program offered to inmates sentenced to one prison located in the midwestern United States. This study sought to examine inmates’ (1) technology skills, (2) experience with training, (3) beliefs/thoughts on the quality of the training, and (4) future career plans. Findings from this study indicate that inmates had adequate technology skills, they had positive experiences with the training, and they had positive beliefs about the quality of the training. In addition, participants shared that they plan to seek employment in the oil and gas industry. A summary of the findings is presented in this paper.