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Effects of Repeated Apomorphine and Haloperidol Treatments on Subsequent Behavioral Sensitivity to Apomorphine

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Effects of repeated apomorphine and haloperidol treatments on subsequent behavioral sensitivity to apomorphine. PHARMACOL BIOCHEM BEHAV 34(2) 345-347, 1989.- In a 2 × 2 factorial design, four groups of rats (n = l0 each) were injected daily with haloperidol (0.5 mg/kg IP) or its injection vehicle and apomorphine (1.0 mg/kg SC) or its vehicle for 21 consecutive days. Then, following a six-day drug-free rest interval, all rats were tested for locomotor activity in photocell arenas after an apomorphine injection on four additional days. Major findings were as follows: (a) rats pretreated with apomorphine were significantly more active following an apomorphine injection than rats pretreated with vehicle; (b) the development of sensitization to apomorphine was completely blocked by the concurrent administration of haloperidol during the pretreatment phase; and (c) pretreatment of rats with haloperidol alone did not affect subsequent sensitivity to apomorphine. These results suggest that the development of behavioral sensitization to apomorphine is related specifically to the stimulation of dopamine receptors.