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Response: A Rebuttal to Steven F. Sapontzis, "Reply to Weir: Unnecessary Fear, Nutrition, and Vegetarianism"


Jack Weir

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Winter 1991


Regrettably, space permits only a very brief response. Many technical nutritional questions are beyond my expertise; I am a philosopher, not a biochemist, physiologist, or dietician. Like Prof. Sapontzis, I have had to rely upon authorities, but mine have differed significantly with his. Nevertheless, I am optimistic that science eventually will resolve the nutritional questions, despite the multifaceted complexity of human biochemistry and dietary lifestyles. I do not dispute the claim that many people can do well on a vegetarian diet. My argument is that nutritional factors----our biology-plus sociocultural factors make the vegetarian diet nonobligatory. My recommendation was that the inquiry focus upon what is routinely and regularly available to fulfill one's nutritional needs within one's ecosocial environment.