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Integrating Overseas Language and Business Education in a Statewide Consortium

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This report addresses the difficulties regional universities, particularly those in rural areas, have in responding to the challenge of providing coordinated business and language education, and describes an approach that exploits the synergistic potential of cooperative study-abroad programs in creating opportunities for integrating business and language studies. First, the report describes the problems of integrating business and language studies at regional universities. Next, a description is provided of a program, developed in 1989 in Madrid (Spain) by the Kentucky Institute for European Studies (KIES), that was designeC to address these problems. Finally, the logistical tasks required in planning and executing this type of joint program are discussed. It is noted that the success of the 1989 KIES program illustrates the potential of the university consortium approach to overseas business and language education, and that through this type of mechanism, faculty in these disciplines can craft opportunities for their students that would be impossible to obtain at their individual schools. Appendices include the 1989 KIES Madrid course listing and course descriptions.