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Listening To The Past: Using Student Journals In A Music Education Course

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In what ways, as music teacher educators, can we best prepare our future teachers for the classroom? This perplexing question has long been a topic of heated debate in the education field. In the early part of this century, well-prepared teachers were perceived as ones who were well versed in their subject area, whether it be math, English, or music. This emphasis on subject matter stands in sharp contrast to how well prepared teachers are perceived and evaluated today. In the 1980s, research on teaching effectiveness led those in teacher education to emphasize pedagogical knowledge, including process-oriented learnings such as organization, management and evaluation (Shulman, 1986). Today, with the guidance of Lee Shulman at Stanford and others, the concern in teacher education is also focusing on future teachers' pedagogical content knowledge. In other words, how is subject matter transformed from what the teacher knows about the subject to the content of that teacher's instruction?