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Teachers' Attitudes toward School Based Decision Making

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Teachers in 12 Kentucky schools were surveyed to determine their attitudes toward school based decision making (SBDM). The 228 subjects included teachers at SBDM schools as well as non-SBDM schools. A Likert scale survey instrument, designed to solicit information specific to the adopted Kentucky SBDM legislation, was administered to teachers in cluster sampled schools in which SBDM had been adopted as well as those in which SBDM had not been adopted. Frequency data were analyzed by Chi square at the .05 probability level. The data implicated that those teachers in SBDM schools tend to report more positive attitudes toward SBDM than those at non-SBDM schools. However, neither group reported negative attitudes toward this management approach. By the fall of 1996 all Kentucky schools must adopt this form of school management. Based on these data, it appears that these teachers will have little resistance to incorporating SBDM as a management approach.