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Design and Construction of an 8088-based Single Board Microcomputer: A Student Project

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An ever-increasing demand for microprocessors in industrial, educational, and business organizations mandates that all students in the field of electronics be provided with a basic knowledge of microprocessor technology and its applications. The rapid advancement of computers into our everyday affairs has created society's need for individuals who are able to understand the fundamental concepts and applications of microprocessors. In order to provide electronics students with an opportunity to develop an understanding of microprocessors, this project has been included in the senior-level course, Computer Electronics - EET 445. In this course, students build an 8088-based single board microcontroller as a major project. Using Fuller's Build Your Own Computer Lab Manual, students first construct and test the basic circuit for the 8088 controller. Then, additional components are added to improve the microcomputer's functionality and to provide students with practical experience in interfacing techniques.