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Construction, Troubleshooting, and Programming of an Intel 8255-Based Interface Card


Ahmad Zargari

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Publication Date

Winter 2000


In today’s industry and research laboratories more applications are calling for control and data acquisition (DAQ) devices. Personal computers have become a primary tool in data acquisition with the development of hardware and software interfaces. Interface packages used in industry can be expensive in the educational lab setting more cost-effective interface cards may be built to demonstrate the theory and operation of these devices. Building the interface card gives the student much more than just teaching the operation of the device. Students learn the design and inter workings of the interface card. Several different skills are needed and acquired throughout this project, and with the demand if interfacing in industry it proves to be a needed educational tool. The project consists of building an interface card, which is inserted into a PC ISA slot. The card utilizes an 8255 programmable peripheral interface IC that has up to 24 digital I/O lines. Circuit design, board layout, test circuit, and software routines are discussed.