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Incorporating Service-learning into Physical Education Teacher Education Programs

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Service-learning is a teaching strategy that provides students with the opportunity to acquire academic, social, career, and personal skills through involvement in community service projects (Cutforth, 2000). It is a method by which students learn through active participation in thoughtfully organized service projects conducted in the community (Lowell Bennion Center, 1999). Service-learning also provides a critical link between institutions of higher education and local communities, in an effort to better fulfill campus missions and improve university-community relationships (Bringle & Hatcher, 2000). Service-learning can take many forms within a curriculum, from a single assignment within a particular course to an entire course that centers on community service as the primary means offacilitating student learning (Parker Gwin & Mabry, 1998). Regardless of how the service project is positioned within a course, it is critical that the project actively addresses a need within the community, is integrated with and enhances the academic course content, and includes time for reflection· (Lowell Bennion Center, 1999).