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"Analytic Hierarchy Process As a Decision Support System In The Petroleum Pipeline Industry


Sam Nataraj

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Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a decision making algorithm developed by Dr. Saaty. It has many applications as documented in Decision Support System literature. The importance of decisions in the petroleum pipeline industry is reflected in the magnitude and nature of the industry. Worldwide, pipelines transport natural gas, crude oil, and finished petroleum products over long distances within countries and across borders to meet energy needs. Within the United States, natural gas pipelines comprise more than 1.5 million miles of underground transportation pipes. The overall objective in selecting a petroleum pipeline route is the connection of the crude/natural gas source to the refinery or utility company. Obviously, choosing the shortest, most direct route is always a goal for capital expenditure reasons, but many important goals exist simultaneously in the route selection project and at times these goals may conflict [4]. Geophysical, environmental, political, social, economic, and regulatory factors interact to define the route possibilities. This paper looks at AHP as a tool used in petroleum pipe industry to help in decision making.