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Kentucky's Teacher Quality Measures and Fourth-Grade Reading Achievement: A Secondary Analysis of the 2002-2007 NAEP Data

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This study of Kentucky's 4th-grade NAEP reading scores was designed to: (1) describe progress from 2002-2007; (2) examine score gaps by gender, race, eligibility for free/reduced lunch, and 75th/25th percentile 2002-2007, (3) explore relationships between teacher-quality and 2005/ 2007 scores. The study, begun at 2007 NAEP data training, was completed using the NAEP DataTool. Results: (1) there were no statistically significant changes in the average scale score on the NAEP Kentucky fourth-grade reading test from 2002 through 2007, (2) gaps in performance by sub-groups on Kentucky's fourth-grade reading NAEP assessments were statistically significant and unchanged across the five-year period, and (3) there were no [alpha .01] statistically significant differences in reading scores by teacher quality measures in either 2005 or 2007. Since reading is a skill basic to both cognitive development and overall academic achievement, Kentucky appears to be at the point of crisis as the fourth-grade reading scores across years indicate no progress between the years 2002-2007.