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Lewis and Clark in Action: Using Video iPods in Eighth Grade Social Studies


Lesia Lennex

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The use of video iPods in middle schools was explored through research in two social studies classrooms. This study measured achievement differences in Spring 2007 between two groups of eighth-grade social studies classrooms. Groups were chosen for similarity between numbers of IEP's and/or 504 classifications, and relative class size. Both groups had 25 students. The control group had three IEP students and no 504. The experimental group had two IEP students and one 504. CATS scores from 2005-2006 were used to develop groups ensuring heterogeneity. Instructional content was defined through Kentucky Program of Studies (2006) SS-8-G-3, effect from geographical barriers on people, and SS-8-G-1, examinations of human movement/culture. While no significant differences at the .05 confidence level were seen on a two-tailed t analysis between the two groups on content identification, there was a non-statistical difference in achievement in the test means and modes.