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Spring 2010


The fatigue resistance of asphalt mixtures is predicted based on material properties and load responses. In this study, four-point bending beam fatigue testing has been used for a typical Michigan Asphalt mixture under various loading frequencies (10Hz, 5Hz, 1Hz, 0.5Hz, and 0.1Hz) and test temperatures (21.3°C, 13°, and 4°C). This study includes evaluation of different fatigue prediction models (Asphalt Institute Model and Shell Model) over wide ranges of laboratory testing conditions. In addition, this paper also provides a linkage between compression modulus and flexural stiffness, this study helps substantiate the concept that compression modulus can be used for evaluating both rutting due to vertical compression and fatigue due to flexural bending. The results in this study showed that there is a strong linear correlation between the flexural stiffness and compression modulus, with the flexural stiffness about 30% lower than the compression modulus.



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