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An Algorithm for Optimizing Vertical Handoff between WLAN and Cellular Networks

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Today, the advent of heterogeneous wireless networks has caused a revolution in the telecommunication systems. As IP-based wireless networking increases in popularity, the handoff issue is taken into the consideration. In the vertical handoff in which users switch between networks under different technologies, many factors should be considered in order to increase the efficiency of the network. An analytical model using absolute signal strength has been previously developed for evaluating the handoff algorithm. In this paper we designed a vertical handoff algorithm and extend that analytical model by adding two different models. The models are for handoff from Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) to cellular network for the voice session and for handoff from cellular network to WLAN for the data session based on Received Signal Strength (RSS) and application type. Since the RSS is considered in this model, it is predicted this algorithm reduces the number of vertical handoffs.