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Perceptions And Validation Of Key Information Technology Competencies From An IT Alumni Viewpoint: Another Stakeholder In The Curriculum Design Process

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The objective of this research was to determine the perceptions of End-user Information Systems graduates from selected universities (now alumni status) regarding an updated Organizational & End-user Information Systems (OEIS) curriculum sponsored by the Organizational Systems Research Association now referred to as AIS-SIG OSRA. The study included the following research objectives: (1) to determine the perceived level of importance of the OEIS curriculum content in today’s global workforce and (2) to ascertain the information systems (IS) personnel viewpoints on the overall importance of the specific course objectives. Survey findings revealed specific topics are of critical and/or considerable importance upon graduation from an end-user information systems-related program. An understanding of the systems development life cycle (SDLC) including planning and implementation of end-user support systems in combination with troubleshooting skills were perceived to be noted essential components of an IT curriculum. Moreover, an experiential learning/internship experience - similar to a clinical practicum - was deemed to be of critical importance for information technology (IT) professionals. To further validate the model, it is recommended that universities in other regions of the United States survey their alumni to assess what specific IS & IT objectives and skill sets are currently needed, especially given the exponential demand for trained personnel in emerging areas of health information technology, enterprise systems, project management, virtualization, and information assurance.