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Professional Expectations of Sport Management Students as Related to Academic Curricular Alignment Support and Preparation

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This study investigated the academic and career interest of 221 sport management students from two regional state institutions. The goal was to identify those students’ needs and wants in order to properly guide and advise them obtaining a career in sports. Participants completed a 43-items survey questionnaire that was created based on the literature of Lewis and Quarterman (2006) and others. The contents covered: (a) demographic information, (b) career and sport interest, (c) sport spectatorial habits, (d) preferable work setting, (e) preferable cultivated skills/knowledge, and (f) self-perceived traits. Reliability analysis and test-retest were performed to test all 4-point Likert-scale rating items. The results show students are more interested in working for the professional franchises or intercollegiate athletics and desire to learn more communication and marketing skills. According to the stepwise regression analysis, both “preferable cultivated skills/knowledge” and “love for sports” are great predictors of one’s rating in preferable sport career. The findings generally supported that notion that sport jobs are commonly filled by sport lovers and enthusiasts. The results also intrigue the researchers to address issues such as: the lack of diverse perspective and global awareness on the career choices, and recruitment and development of future female students.