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Attitude Determination and Control in the T-LogoQube Femtosatellite Mission


Kevin Brown

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T-LogoQube is a first generation 3P (size 5 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm) ~500 gram PocketQube femto-satellite currently in low-earth orbit. T-LogoQube includes a payload of magnetic sensors and magnetic torquers. The satellite software collects and analyzes data from the magnetic sensors in the satellite while in orbit. The flight software implements a simple Fourier transform algorithm to determine the spin, precession, and orientation of the satellite from magnetic sensor data. The satellite sends data packets containing the satellite’s spin and precession characteristics to ground operations. A payload of magnetic torquers applies a magnetic field to dampen the precession motion and control the orientation of the spacecraft. This paper describes the capabilities of a uniquely small and low-cost femto-satellite platform for attitude determination and control.