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Optical Observations of the Nearby Galaxy IC342 with Narrow Band [S II] and Hα Filters. II - Detection of 16 Optically-Identified Supernova Remnant Candidates

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We present the detection of 16 optical supernova remnant (SNR) candidates in the nearby spiral galaxy IC342. The candidates were detected by applying the [S ii]/Hα ratio criterion on observations made with the 2 m RCC telescope at Rozhen National Astronomical Observatory in Bulgaria. In this paper, we report the coordinates, diameters, Hα and [S ii] fluxes for 16 SNRs detected in two fields of view in the IC342 galaxy. Also, we estimate the contamination of total Hα flux from SNRs in the observed portion of IC342 to be 1.4%. This would represent the fractional error when the star formation rate (SFR) for this galaxy is derived from the total galaxy’s Hα emission.