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We present the results of an X-ray spectral analysis of the northeast region of the candidate supernova remnant G189.6+3.3 with Suzaku. K-shell lines from highly ionized Ne, Mg, Si, and S were detected in the spectrum for the first time. In addition, a radiative recombining continuum (RRC) from He-like Si was clearly seen near 2.5 keV. This detection of an RRC reveals for the first time that G189.6+3.3 possesses an X-ray-emitting recombining plasma (RP). The extracted X-ray spectrum in the 0.6–10.0 keV energy band is well fitted with a model consisting of a collisional ionization equilibrium plasma component (associated with the interstellar medium) and an RP component (associated with the ejecta). The spectral feature shows that G189.6+3.3 is most likely to be a middle-aged SNR with an RP



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