Adlake Kero Lantern, circa. 1923. This lantern appears to be one of the early versions of the Adlake Kero economic styled lanterns. The economic bell bottom models of the "kero" line of lanterns are among the most recognized railroad lanterns, they were used in large numbers by Canadian railways. This particular lantern is stamped on the cap and globe with the initials C.&.O which signals its use by the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway system. The globe of this lantern is red which would have been used to signal stop or danger.

Date of Entry


Lantern Type

Railroad Lantern

Globe Type

Short Globe

Material Type


Height (Inches)

9 1/4

Height with Handle Extended (inches)

15 1/4


8 1/2


History | United States History



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Adlake Kero (14)



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