Dietz No. 8 Air Pilot Lantern, circa. 1953. After the purchasing of the Embury company by Dietz in 1953 the No. 8 Air Pilot replaced the Embury No.2 and No. 1 as the main model for the air pilot models. Production of this model for a time was centered in Mexico and can be identified by Aztec stamps. This model is estimated to be produced in the US as there is no such Aztec stamp.

The globe of this lantern is green which would have been used to signal that it was safe for the vehicle or train to proceed safely through.

Information provided is altered from W.T. Kirkman Lanterns.

Date of Entry


Lantern Type

Signal Lantern

Globe Type

Tall Globe

Material Type


Height (Inches)

13 3/4

Height with Handle Extended (inches)



8 3/4


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Dietz No. 8 Air Pilot Lantern (2)


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