Embury Elgin Lantern, circa. 1939. This lantern is estimated to be a product of the Embury Manufacturing Company as a variation of the no. 2 Cold Blast. It is suspected that this lantern was a general or utility lantern.

The Embury Manufacturing Company was created in Rochester, New York on November 27th, 1908. The founder of the company was William Chamberlin Embury who had experience working in a Canadian tin lantern company known as Kemp Manufacturing located in Toronto, Canada.

The Embury Company moved to Warsaw, New York in 1911 where it operated until 1952 when the company sold its assets to the R. E. Dietz Manufacturing Company.

Date of Entry


Lantern Type

Utility Lantern

Globe Type

Tall Globe

Material Type


Height (Inches)


Height with Handle Extended (inches)

18 1/2


8 3/4


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