Dietz Little Giant Lantern, circa. 1927-1957. The Dietz Little Giant is an alternative form of the Dietz Little Wizard. The Little Giant features a larger fuel tank and alternative wicks (the area that holds the flame of the lantern). The Little Giant is most often stamped with the company who purchased it to deter theft, it was used in similar fashion to the Dietz 8-day lantern by traffic and construction companies on barricades.

The Little Giant could keep a constant flame for around 70 hours making it a good signaling lantern for use throughout the week. After the Dietz factory was moved to Hong Kong in 1956 the Little Giant would be rebranded as the No. 1 Little Wizard.

The globe of this lantern is a LOC-NOB, LOC-NOB refers to the pair of ears on a Dietz lantern globe used to keep the globe from falling out when tilting the globe plate for lighting or trimming the wick.

Information provided is altered from W.T. Kirkman Lanterns.

Date of Entry


Lantern Type

Traffic Gard Lantern

Globe Type

Tall Globe

Material Type


Height (Inches)

11 1/2

Height with Handle Extended (inches)





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