The Morehead First Christian Church in Morehead, Kentucky was established in 1888. The history of the First Christian Church dates back to the founding of Morehead when it was a small Eastern Kentucky village. The first services of the Church were held in the Rowan County Court House. During the period from 1884 to 1887, all Church services in the town and community were intermittent and irregular due to the violence of the Rowan County War. It was Edward O. Guerrant, a Presbyterian minister, who encouraged the community to erect a church building for all religious organizations to hold their services. That building stood on the site, or very near, to the present First Christian Church. The current church building was constructed in 1924. The Christian Church was also significant in the establishment of the Morehead Normal School in 1887, by Phoebe E. Button and her son Frank C. Button. Dr. Button served not only as the first and last President of the Normal School, but as the first President of the Morehead State Teacher's College and pastor of the First Christian Church.

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