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Plaster cast of a statue of Saint John the Baptist, circa 1525 attributed to Francesco da Sangallo. Original is housed in the National Museum of the Bargello in Florence, Italy.

Publication Date


Type of Artwork


Time Period/Geographical Region

Renaissance Europe

Height (cm/in)

117.8 cm / 70 in

Width (cm/in)

45.72 cm / 18 in

Depth (cm/in)

63.5 cm / 25 in


Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture | Sculpture


This sculpted figure of John the Baptist, originally executed in marble, is attributed to Francesco da Sangallo (1494-1576). Sangallo used great detail in his depiction of the saint and his hair garment, which is almost decadent. His style bears elements of Mannerism, a late Renaissance development in sculpture and painting which exaggerated proportion and elegance while conveying emotional tension. The figure's gaunt frame is highlighted in the display of bones protruding through muscle and skin in the collar, chest, and spine. The marble original in the Bargello holds a thin cross in its right hand and bears a halo attached to the back of the head.



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Saint John the Baptist


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