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Plaster cast of a relief panel titled Angels Singing and Playing Musical Instruments. Original is currently housed in its site of origin, the Basilica di Sant'Antonio, Padua, Italy, circa 1447-1450 CE.

Publication Date


Type of Artwork


Time Period/Geographical Region

Renaissance Europe

Height (cm/in)

58.42 cm / 23 in

Width (cm/in)

20.95 cm / 8 1/4 in

Depth (cm/in)

5.08 cm / 2 in


Ancient History, Greek and Roman through Late Antiquity | Sculpture


Between 1447 and 1450, Donatello created a sculptural grouping for the altar of Saint Anthony (Basilica di Sant'Antonio, Padua), composed of 29 pieces of sculpture, including twelve reliefs of angel musicians, two of which are a part of the MSU cast collection. At the end of the 16th century, Donatello's original installation of the altar was disassembled; in 1895, the present installation was designed, but we do not know if it aligns with Donatello's original arrangement. Donatello was a major artist of the Italian Renaissance, a master sculptor in both marble and bronze.



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Angels Singing and Playing Musical Instruments


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