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Plaster cast of a group by sculptor Menelaos, often identified as Orestes and Elektra. Original is housed at the National Museum, Rome circa 1st century BCE to 1st century CE.

Publication Date


Type of Artwork


Time Period/Geographical Region

Ancient Greece

Height (cm/in)

193.04 cm / 76 in

Width (cm/in)

137.16 cm / 54 in

Depth (cm/in)

73.66 cm / 29 in


Ancient History, Greek and Roman through Late Antiquity | Sculpture


Orestes and Electra were the children of Agamemnon from Greek mythology. A stele behind Orestes identifies the sculptor, with an inscription which reads: "Menelaos student of Stephanos made this." Menelaos and his mentor Stephanos were part of a Roman revival of Greek naturalism. Guesses have been made concerning the figures represented in this sculpture. Scholars have described the siblings as standing before the tomb of their father in mourning. However, the larger size of the female figure and her protective embrace have led some to believe that this might be the representation of a mother and son—perhaps Penelope and Telemachos (son of Odysseus)—rather than brother and sister.



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Group known as Orestes and Elektra


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