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Bust of Matteo Palmieri


Bust of Matteo Palmieri


Plaster cast of a marble portrait-bust of Matteo Palmieri by Antonio Rossellino. Original is housed in the Bargello, Florence, Italy circa 1468.

Publication Date


Type of Artwork

Portrait bust

Time Period/Geographical Region

Renaissance Europe

Height (cm/in)

54.61 cm / 21.5 in

Width (cm/in)

55.88 cm / 22 in

Depth (cm/in)

31.75 cm / 12.5 in


Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture | Sculpture


The bust of the Florentine historian Matteo Palmieri was displayed over the exterior door of his home until the nineteenth century, a very unusual display in early Renaissance Florence. Because of this, it is damaged, and some of the detail has been effaced. The style of the portrait bust references the styles of late antiquity. Rossellino was a Florentine artist whose harmonious depictions and strong technical ability conveyed a sense of the individual in his portraits.


Bust of Matteo Palmieri


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