Metropolitan Museum of Art Cast Collection
Athena (Minerve Au Collier)

Athena (Minerve Au Collier)

Morehead State University. Camden-Carroll Library.

Athena was a pre-Hellenistic goddess who was later assimilated by the ancient Greeks into their mythology. In ancient Greek religion, Athena was the protector of Athens and the goddess of war and wisdom. Athena was also incorporated into the ancient Roman pantheon, being known as Minerva. In the modern day, Athena has been used as the symbol for the Woman's Army Corps, and is currently the guardian of the stacks at the Camden-Carroll Library.


Plaster cast of a marble statue of Athena, completed circa 1st-2nd century A.D. Original is housed in the Louvre. Roman copy of a 5th century B.C.E. Greek sculpture.