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Spring 2021


This research study examines the variables of tourism that influence a traveler’s decision when traveling in Eastern Kentucky, specifically Morehead, Kentucky. Morehead is a destination with great potential to be built into a prominent location for tourism in Kentucky. To best understand the potential of the area, the resources available and the existing tourism locations were accessed to build the foundation of this project. Successful tourism destinations around the state of Kentucky have been assessed to determine what factors contribute to their success as well as what tactics/resources the businesses use to draw people in. In comparison to successful tourism destinations in the Lexington, Red River Gorge, Louisville, Bowling Green, and Newport areas, Morehead is lacking in the attractions that draw guests in to stay for longer than one day. Upon further study, Morehead was found to be an ideal location due to the college presence and the natural attractions such as Cave Run Lake and the Daniel Boone National Forrest as well as Morehead’s easy access to the interstate. Morehead is lacking in hotel room availability, night life, extended store hours, and access to services such as Uber and Lyft.



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