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Spring 2021


Past studies had shown the underrepresentation of females in the coaching profession. The purpose of this study was to examine the contributory factors to the underrepresentation of female head coaches in intercollegiate athletics. To further examine this issue, two studies were conducted to examine the perceptions of 124 current NCAA Division-I athletic coaches and 163 high school educators. Based on collegiate coaches’ responses, the factor analysis identified four important constructs that contribute to the success of female coaches’ job obtainment. According to the results of the second study, the high school educators (n = 163) believed there were gender biases and an underrepresentation of female coaches existed in athletics. They also agreed that adding women to leadership positions would improve the overall performance of teams. In general, the findings of both studies reaffirmed the conclusions provided by past studies concerning the factors and issues that might affect the career success and job obtainment of a potential female coaching candidate (Fryklund, 2019; Hensley & Chen, 2019; Thompson, Terron, & Chen, 2020). Limitations of the study and directions for future studies were further discussed.



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