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Spring 2021


Our project is to assist language learners by taking advantage of the multitude of Internet resources to determine the most helpful sites as well as the most effective methods to improve according to the learner’s goal. Goals can include wanting to retain fluency after not studying a language for a long period, learning a new language from square one, improving spoken language after focusing on writing in the classroom setting, among others. We devised general plans with activities that correspond to varying levels of language experience and goals. To test out our ideas, we made customized language learning plans based on the original plans for 12 volunteers according to their needs as determined by a survey. Overall, we seek to identify the best and, ideally, free resources available so that the learners can focus their time and energy on studying the language over struggling to find what suits their needs best. Furthermore, we are identifying the best strategies so that the learners get the most out of their investment in a foreign language.