Jalyn Findley

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Publication Date

Spring 2021


The Kentucky Philological Review (KPR) is the official journal of the Kentucky Philological Association, published annually. This journal contains essays, book reviews, and creative work selected by the Editorial Committee from the Best of Section papers presented during the prior year’s spring conference. These submissions are then edited by this committee and editorial assistants through MLA format, grammar, syntax, and overall cohesion of themes by correspondence with the authors throughout the year. As editorial assistants of the KPA Editorial Committee, we attended the 2020 KPA conference, organized contact information from the presenters, and began initial readings of their papers and creative work. After the Editorial Committee finalized their decisions on the next volume’s selections, we began the process of editing and commenting on each piece through weekly meetings with the Editor, Dr. Karen Taylor. Our comments referenced consistency and proper MLA Format, structure and syntax, clarity of theses, and general perspectives of the reader. These comments were then compiled and sent to the authors, where the needed corrections would be made. Once assembly of the KPR began, we proofread the journal’s draft in its entirety until it was ready for final publication. Through this editorial process we were able to gain not only a comprehension of MLA format throughout various forms of literature but also a better understanding of how to communicate ideas effectively within an academic community, the necessity of thorough research when writing a body of work, and the importance of revision and critique.